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Palm Trees and Paint Splashes: Pinata's Art Basel 2022


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Palm Trees and Paint Splashes: Pinata's Art Basel 2022

A recap of our team's time at Art Basel Miami. Check out some photos of the Pinata gang and some of the amazing artwork on display.

From live painting shows to NFT putt-putt, Art Basel in Miami had a bit of everything. Each year, the event is a celebration of the past, present and future of art and expression. And this year, web3 creators had more than just a seat at the table—they had a big heaping plate of the meal.

The presence of web3 creators and the audiences they drew shows just how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. We were excited to be involved and experience it all first hand. Here’s a quick overview of who we saw, what we did, and what we came away most excited about for the future.

Pinata Customers IRL

We've said it before and we'll say it again: there's nothing like meeting Pinata folks in real life. Art Basel provided a unique setting to meet up and talk with customers who are exploring web3 in very different ways, each contributing to the ecosystem and building something incredible. Here are a few of the of the creators we met up with.

Omni X

Omni X is an NFT platform that lets artists, builders, collectors and gamers transfer and trade assets from varying ecosystems from a single user interface. As the first natively omnichain NFT platform, Omni X is built with unique tooling and social interactivity to help creators and communities interact and prosper. 

We got to meet up with Daniel from Omni X and learn more about what’s coming. Customers can look forward to unprecedented levels of liquidity and access to a wide range of communities and projects—something we’ve never seen from marketplaces at this level. We. Are. Hyped.


You can never keep a good Doodle down.With Doodles 2 launching sometime in 2023, the Doodles team has been busy making a household name an even bigger presence—beyond just the world of NFTs, At this year’s Art Basel, the team hosted an interactive 9-hole Doodle Putt activation. And there were some real stakes involved—if you got a hole-in-one on the 9th hole, you'd get a free doodle! Sure beats the old windmill putt-putt that we’re used to. This was nothing short of flawless execution of their vision. Par the course for this amazing team.

Americana x Pinata

One of our Basel highlights was being able to host an event with Americana, an incredible platform that lets creators turn physical items into NFTs. Safe to say they know how to throw a memorable party.

Contrasting with the wild and craziness of most Art Basel activations, the Americana event was much more intimate, offering massages, an oxygen bar, and even aura readings. They created an environment where people could connect and network in a beautiful location, without having to yell over each other. If you've ever been to Basel (or Miami in general),  you know how rare this is.

Americana also hosted a group of incredible artists including Vinnie Hagar, Danny Cole & Andrew Wang who created original pieces live on the spot. Oh, and they hosted an event with the legendary artist Tom Sachs to show us the future of his new project, Rocket Factory. Not too shabby. Demo

As part of the Pinata x Americana event, our incredible product manager Brooke Harter led a demo of, our no-code token gating tool. The audience got a chance to learn about the product, ask questions, and experience it firsthand.

There's really nothing out there like Submarining. With the option to token-gate content via NFT ownership, by retweets, or even geo-location, it's one of the most powerful tools for creators to monetize content and create meaningful communities.

So yeah. Art Basel was awesome, and the event activations were seriously incredible. But what’s most exciting is that people are still building and thinking outside of the box, being more creative with their product offerings and IRL activations. We look forward to seeing what these projects do over the next few months and years.

Until we meet again, Miami.

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