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Unlocked: Engaging your True Fans with Token-Gating

Team Pinata
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In part 2 of “Unlocked,” a content series with NFT platform Gigantik where we dive deeper into token-gating, we’ll look at some specific use cases and how they’re transforming the community experience.

Building a community is the first step to a successful web3 project, but if you want a project that lasts, one that’s able to change and evolve, you need to find and nurture your true fans—the evangelists/power users/VIPs who’ve shown that they are fully with you. Legacy tools like YouTube, Discord and Twitter are still a great way to get top-of-the-funnel traffic to your project, but engaging your true fans requires a special type of experience.

In part 1, we introduced token-gating as a way for brands to offer exclusive access to their audience. In part 2, we’ll look at this exclusive access in action, and how brands (and individual creators) are using Pinata’s token-gating tool to engage their true fans through memberships and exclusive content.


The concept of subscribing for exclusive content isn’t new, especially for publishers. But adding a web3 twist is a great way to delight users who want to stay engaged, while also participating in technologies that keep things interesting.

Using Pinata’s token-gating API, NiftyLit sells NFT passes that give loyal readers access to exclusive magazines, books and newsletters. Kind of like a blockchain-based magazine, NiftyLit publishes issues with 5-10 literary works across all genres. Each writing is paired with an original illustration, and best of all, writers are paid royalty rates that greatly exceed wha they would receive with a traditional publisher.

Gala Music

Remember when you would buy a CD or DVD and you’d get bonus features that weren’t available anywhere else? Token-gating is bringing that experience back. 

Gala Music is a decentralized music platform that uses token-gating to offer behind-the-scenes access to it’s artists’ music releases. Once you own the NFT that unlocks the special content, you can see how from the the artist about the inspiration, the making of the song, and special “backstage” moments that make the music personal.

Pascal Boyart 

Memberships and exclusive content are perfect for token-gating, but sometimes you just want to create a fun experience that goes beyond what your community would ever expect.

Pascal Boyart is a Paris-based visual artist who knows how to delight his audience, creating not just art, but a puzzle. His latest piece, "Lady with Pomeranian" is an oil painting on canvas consisting of a physical work as well as an NFT. Together, they hide a puzzle riddle—whoever finds the solution becomes the owner of a 1/1 NFT.

Using, Pascal gives owners of the NFT get special clues that help them solve the riddle. Other clues can only be found when viewing the physical version, which has already been shown in museums like Institut de France. Now that is a good way to find your true fans.

Remember: token-gating doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. It can work beautifully with your existing marketing and community operations as an additional way to elevate your brand and let your true fans engage in a meaningful (and fun) way with NFTs. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, check out our Discord community to see what other creators are cooking up for their audiences. In the final post in this series, we’ll look at the future of exclusive access.

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