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KAZM: Elevating the loyalty program experience


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KAZM: Elevating the loyalty program experience

KAZM is using Pinata Cloud to transform customer loyalty and engagement.

When it comes to nurturing customer relationships, few activations hold as much weight as a strong loyalty program. But with so many different channels and touchpoints in today’s media-centric environment, unifying your customer activity can be a challenge that’s hard to overcome. That’s where KAZM comes in.

KAZM is a customer loyalty and engagement platform that makes it easy to launch and manage fully integrated, white labeled membership programs without writing a line of code. KAZM helps brands activate their members, create ecosystems that reward customers, and unify activity across multiple touch points. KAZM began using Pinata Cloud in 2022 to help power their tokenization and reward system that make up the backbone of their product.

No doubt—our technologies complement each other well. But foundationally, KAZM and Pinata have worked well together because we share a very similar goal: help build better communities.

Reimagining customer activation

In the past, if a brand wanted to enable an experience for their members from one platform to another, they would have needed multiple bespoke integrations or their own custom app. With KAZM, brands can plug into existing member touch points like loyalty programs, NFTs, social media, blockchains and payment gateways.

Brands like Decrypt, Immutable, Ambire, and Web3 Academy use KAZM to build comprehensive member profiles and help communities recognize, engage and reward activity everywhere. They make it easy to gate/tokenize exclusive content, quests, and tiered rewards without the need for coding or migrations.

Optimize growth, automate workflows, grow your community. That’s KAZM.

There’s a ton of value in the simple-yet-difficult task of getting to know your community. With unified profiles supported by robust analytics available to KAZM customers, brands can use data to drive meaningful activations and create parameters for gamification and loyalty on the blockchain. Optimize growth, automate workflows, grow your community. That’s KAZM.

The Challenge: Data Storage and Distribution at Scale

KAZM needed to be able to programmatically create NFT tokens for their memberships and loyalty programs, and point these tokens to their associated IPFS-hosted images—without storing and managing everything themselves. Their challenges in a nutshell:

  • Speed - Being able to retrieve data at the speed at which people are used to from web2 tools and applications.
  • Reliability - Being able to reference their IPFS content at any time, from anywhere in the world.
  • Flexibility - Accessing this infrastructure with an API that could plug into their existing platform.

As a media storage and distribution platform purpose-built for IPFS and web3, Pinata helps Kazm launch white-labeled membership programs for brands with high-quality, custom content. When KAZM needs to point a token to their IPFS-hosted image, they use their Dedicated IPFS Gateway to ensure that content can be found quickly and reliably. Here’s how:

  1. Pinata has a built-in content delivery network (CDN) with over 200 caching locations around the world.
  2. Pinata’s IPFS nodes are always online. Because they are cloud hosted, Dedicated Gateways offer a reliable way to keep data available, 24/7.
  3. Pinata’s API lets KAZM access their decentralized storage and distribute content through their platform.
“Pinata has eliminated all the complication of hosting content on IPFS which lets us develop things faster with more confidence. Using their APIs is as easy as developing in the web2 world with all the benefits that hosting content on IPFS provides. Our customers love being able to have custom NFT images which Pinata makes easy so we can focus on delivering best-in-class loyalty programs." -Danny Franklin, KAZM CTO/Co-founder

We’ve been so impressed with not only KAZM’s technology, but also their commitment to community building for the next generation. We believe that loyalty programs can be one of the building blocks for the future of NFTs and web3, and KAZM is a leading example of how it can be done.

What’s next for KAZM

As KAZM continues to unify the community building experience, it will become increasingly easier (and more exciting) for brands across web2 and web3 to interact with their audience. 

Kazm makes it possible for any brand to launch a white-labeled membership program on-chain, and use that membership to gamify key activations across every platform, drive higher customer LTV, and delight members with better rewards and token-enabled experiences.  

We’re extremely proud to be a part of what KAZM is building and we can’t wait to see them continue their journey. Stay tuned to the KAZM blog for updates.

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