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Web3 for All: Pinata’s New Features & Pricing Plans
Web3 for All: Pinata’s New Features & Pricing Plans

Web3 for All: Pinata’s New Features & Pricing Plans

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Web3 for All: Pinata’s New Features & Pricing Plans
Pinata's pricing plans and features - the tools and products fueling creators and developers.

At Pinata, our goal has always been to empower creators to become their own platforms, taking full ownership and control of their content. Last fall, with the guidance of our community, we started beta-testing new features to help users unlock the full capabilities of web3 and NFTs including Submarining and rich previews + short links for social.

Today, we’re excited to announce that many of these new features will be taken out of beta with the introduction of our new pricing structure, designed to give creators more freedom to build on the blockchain of their choice—securely, efficiently and without limits.

More power, more features for Web3 creators

Web3 creators are the architects of tomorrow’s Internet. Before we dive into the new pricing plan structure, let’s explore the features we’re equipping you to build with. Some of you may already be familiar with, but some will be brand new, even to the Pinata faithful.

✨ Scroll down to learn about our new pricing plans ✨

As with everything we develop, these features are focused on helping creators explore NFTs and web3—securely and efficiently—in ways that they can’t with any other platform.


No-code content gating with multiple unlocking mechanisms including NFT ownership, geolocation, retweets and more

Ever been to a speakeasy bar? It's usually not the drinks or the party you remember—it's the experience of getting in, walking through the secret door, hidden behind the refrigerator or bookcase. It's not just an awesome party, it's an experience you can't get anywhere else. That's what submarining allows you to do with your exclusive content.

Non-technical creators can use (a no-code tool built with the Submarining API) to securely gate their content to owners of specific NFTs, users in a chosen location or even retweeters of a chosen tweet. For developers, submarining provides the security to store files for apps and marketplaces without the risk of data being exposed. Make your exclusive content memorable from the moment someone steps into your world.

🖼 Rich Previews

Eye-catching link previews across all your social channels

Timelines are like food courts at the mall. Loud, mostly gross. Are you gonna stop at the place that claims to have the best pastries in the world or the Cinnabon stand where you can actually see and smell the goods for yourself?

With rich previews, all of your Pinata-hosted media populates a full image and description preview on Twitter and all your social platforms, letting users see and feel what makes your project worth their click. People’s attention is at a premium these days. Give them the confidence to spend theirs with you.

🔗 Link Shortener

Make long URLs short and memorable

IPFS is web3’s most secure storage system, using content identifiers (CIDs) to make sure the content matches its unique address. But with great security comes extremely long and unsightly links—until now. With our link shortener, all the links you share across the web are short, sweet, and secure as ever.

📽 Video streaming

Control, stream and secure your video content (up to 4k)

You know how you have to wait for Netflix and YouTube videos to download entirely before you can start watching them? Of course not, because that would be painful and insane. Unfortunately that has been the experience of loading video over IPFS.

But not anymore. With Pinata, your securely stored videos will start playing back as soon as someone loads them. Those first few precious seconds of attention are yours. (Not sure how to start your videos? We suggest cute puppies and/or explosions.)

🌈 Image Optimization

Securely optimize your images for crystal clear consumption

Ever wanted to share a smaller version of a hi-res image? In the past, you had to download it, resize it on your computer and then re-upload the smaller image before sharing. Painful. Now, with image optimization, you can upload your image once and share as many different versions as you'd like. Different sizes, different shapes, different cropping, and more—all with just a link.

All of these features will be made fully available to users of our paid plans. All fully tested, secure, and verified to be awesome by our beta users. Now let’s get into the new pricing plan structure and what it means for our Pinata users moving forward.

Pinata’s new pricing structure

Pricing should never be confusing. We want creators to know where they stand at all times so they can focus on building, not billing. Starting today, Pinata will be rolling out new pricing to align with the new features and offerings we’ll be providing our customers—and to make sure there aren’t any surprises when the first of the month rolls around. Here’s the rundown of our new pricing structure:

The Free Plan

Pinnie in the clouds smiling and holding balloons.

Pinata will always have a free plan which gives users a taste of what they can experience and do with our platform. Store up to 100 files or 1 GB of content, using a shared, public gateway that connects you to IPFS.

Premium features: none

Perfect for: Creators who are just starting their web3 journey and want to experience what it's like storing their content on IPFS through Pinata.

Price: Free

The Picnic Plan

A picnic basket, beach ball, corn on the cob on a picnic blanket.

Formerly known as the Pro Plan, the Picnic Plan lets customers pin up to 20,000 files or 50 GB of storage and gives basic access to our premium features along with one dedicated gateway, a fast, branded way to serve your content through IPFS. It’s like having your own personal chauffeur to the party while everyone else waits for the bus. Everyone will get there, but you’ll get there much faster—and you get to choose the music on the ride over.

Premium features: Submarining, Image resizing (5000 images/month), video streaming (500 minutes/month)

Perfect for: The rising artist or builder with a new app or PFP collection.

Price: $20/month

The Fiesta Plan

Pinnie smiling in front of a rainbow wave and clouds.

When you’re really ready to party, Pinata’s Fiesta Plan allows more ambitious customers to pin up to 100,000 files or store up to 250 GB of content on Pinata. Fiesta plans will also get up to 3 dedicated gateways, access to submarining, 50,000 images resizing, 5,000 minutes of streaming, and more.

Premium features: Submarining, Image resizing (50,000 images/month), video streaming (5,000 minutes/month)

Perfect for: Early-stage marketplaces, more advanced web3 apps and games, and developers who work with a decent amount of data.

Price: $100/month

The Carnival Plan

Floating Pinnie with balloons floating over a carnival scene with a ferris wheel.

Pinata’s Carnival Plan brings out the best in our master creators and builders, with the ability to pin up to 1,000,000 files or up to 2,500 GB of storage. The Carnival Plan brings enough for the whole crew, with access to submarining, 10 dedicated gateways, 50,000 minutes of video streaming, and more.

Premium features: Submarining, Image resizing (unlimited), video streaming (50,000 minutes/month)

Perfect for: Brands, media companies and web3 builders who need all the bells and whistles and can’t afford to be slowed down.

Price: $1,000/month

Thinking bigger? We got you. If you need more than what these plans offer, our business development team is available to chat for any custom or enterprise plans.

What current customers can expect

The majority of our users will not see any billing changes with the new Pinata Plans—aside from the name of the plan on your invoice.

If you were a Pro Plan user, you will most likely want to move to the Picnic Plan for the same price of $20 a month. Customers who are on the individual plan will have the option to move to the Picnic Plan or a Free plan. Enterprise and custom plans will not be affected.

All current customers have until July 23rd, 2022 to choose a new plan. If you don’t choose a plan by this date, you will either get moved to the closest plan of equal value or bumped down to the next lower plan. Simple.

Our new features and pricing plans are designed to make sure you have full control of your platform, with all the speed and security of web3. And with all the developments we have in the pipeline, this is just the beginning. We’re thrilled to have you along for the journey.

Any thoughts, comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Happy pinning.

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