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Welcome to People of Pinata, where you get to meet the Pindividuals from around the world who make up our incredible team.

Tell us about your background & role at Pinata 

My background is traditionally in marketing! I have about seven years of marketing experience, having previously worked for a real estate firm doing things like video marketing, social media marketing, and designing print material for real estate agents. 

As Pinata’s Social Media Manager, I am the voice behind our Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. I pretty much curate our content and schedule it out. We try to keep a mix of educational and entertaining content on our feeds.

How did you become interested in web3? 

My husband originally introduced web3 to me in the Fall of 2021. He was into crypto, which I wasn't ever super interested in. But when I heard of NFTs, it kind of made more sense to me - having that creative side to it. So after my husband telling me more about NFTs, crypto, and blockchain for so many months, wanting to learn more about NFTs kind of kick-started me into this space in October 2021.

What is it like being the voice of Pinata on social media? 

It’s really fun. The people that I encounter and engage with every day, whether it be my team or personalities on Twitter, it's never really dull. I feel like it's such a different world - I’m acting as a voice for a serious, technical product, with a fun, whimsical brand side. 

What are your favorite parts of the role? 

When I came into this role, I realized Twitter is such a huge audience for us, and that's where I put most of my time - from creating the content to engaging directly with users. In my previous marketing roles, Twitter was not a platform we used (ever). Twitter is a beast of its own and that’s one of my favorite parts. I had to find this balance of embracing the web3 culture, which is memes and GMs, while also providing educational information. We want this space to be entertaining and interesting for people, but we also need to educate them in the right way. Giving them the right tools for them to stay in the space to succeed - whether they're creating a project or just staying to see what tech will come out of it. 

What is your favorite Twitter account? 

From web3 specifically, there's this account I follow and his handle is @CryptoGucci. He pretty much does weekly threads with updates on what's been happening in Ethereum. His feed is a lot of quality tweets with valuable information, and you know to expect that like a weekly roundup from him. THIS is why I come to Twitter - get the most relevant info in the shortest amount of time. 

Also, there's one, and I feel like it's a weird one - it's called ‘Are Publix Chicken Tenders Subs On Sale?’ and they pretty much give you an update on what's the deal of the day, every day. They really do like a big post when it's the chicken tender day. They're really funny because they take a very normal, everyday product and kind of like turn it into its own sub-brand within Publix. It's a really funny account, and they post funny memes so that's just like a fun one because you just wouldn't expect that from Publix. 

What type of companies are you excited to see transition to web3? 

Everyone always says that mass adoption will happen when people are using Blockchain technology and they don't even know it. So, I think that when everyday brands start to transition into web3, however they do, I’d be very interested to see how they do it.

Target, for example - they have this culture, this massive following of shoppers that are loyal to them. Aside from the tons of people that shop there, many have the app already, and are part of Target Circle rewards. So I'm curious to see how everyday things, like shopping in person at your favorite store, could tie in with blockchain technology. 

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