Gifting NFTs with HBD NFT

Powered by Pinata is a new series on the Pinata blog for readers to learn more about Pinata’s customer base. We’re honored by all the customers that use Pinata, and we’ll be sharing some of those customers’ stories while highlighting the most interesting brands in the NFT space. Note: none of these stories are sponsored, nor have we paid to work with these brands. 

An NFT for every HBD

For the year of 2022, imagine getting an NFT for your birthday, or better yet- giving one as a gift. Now you can with HBD NFT, the metaverse shop that offers 10 unique, collectible, hand-rendered NFT pinatas for every day of the year. 

When HBD NFT reached out to us a couple of months ago sharing their concept, we thought it was a fun and exciting way to get newcomers into the crypto and NFT space. When they showed us examples of their NFT’s they really caught our attention.

 Who doesn’t love a pinata on their birthday?! And these are actually pretty cute. 

Each of the 3,660 pinatas available for sale on HBD NFT were hand-rendered by artist, Amber Baris.

The team behind HBD NFT shared that their vision for this project was to help grow the NFT community and bring in newcomers with ease. When they decided on their target number, they looked at OpenSea for reference. Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace, had approximately 300,000 unique wallets. If they could sell 3,660 NFTs to new users, this would increase the community by 1%. On top of that, HBD NFT offers gift delivery and wallet set up for newcomers on the receiving end. A noble but solid accomplishment in this space. 

The concept of a metaverse gift shop is an interesting way to make crypto inclusive and more personal. Reminiscent to the craze of Beanie Babies, the highly sought-after collectible toy of the 90s, HBD NFTs give a nod to the unique opportunity NFTs can provide. By capturing and celebrating special moments in our loved one’s life through NFT gift-giving, HBD NFT is paving the way to introduce people to the gift of digital ownership. 

We’re always delighted to see new projects and innovative ideas come to fruition in the NFT space. When these customers use Pinata to source and structure their plans, it’s the cherry on top. 

“Pinata gives IPFS super powers. In a matter of minutes, it pinned 3,660 high-res pinata images and made them easily available on OpenSea.”

Want to gift a special NFT for to someone you know? Check out HBD.NFT here

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