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Understanding IPFS and NFTs - Exploring Top-Rated Courses

Lisa Kilker

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Understanding IPFS and NFTs - Exploring Top-Rated Courses

Unlock the world of IPFS and NFTs with top-rated courses from Coursera, Udemy, and more. Elevate your skills and confidence!

Navigating the complexities of IPFS and NFTs can prove challenging, coupled with the evolving technology and the plethora of courses available. The stress of investing time and resources in courses that might not align with your skill level can definitely be a headache. It can leave you feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to find the best and most reliable information.

Thankfully, reputable platforms like Coursera and Udemy consistently offer courses tailored for all skill levels. Our curated list includes top-rated courses for both IPFS and NFTs, ranging from beginner-friendly to advanced, providing the knowledge and skills needed to confidently navigate these ever-changing technologies. Additionally, YouTube resources, such as Pinata's Channel, can provide up-to-date information to help you along the way.

Courses for IPFS

Udemy - IPFS and Decentralised Networking

Are you curious about decentralized networking, IPFS, decentralized apps (DApps), and hosting websites on IPFS? This course is an excellent option for you! It offers a friendly introduction to the basics of IPFS, walking you through the steps of creating a website on IPFS. Plus, you'll have the chance to build a practical decentralized DropBox clone as part of the hands-on experience.

ProtoSchool - IPFS Course

Dive into the world of JavaScript coding challenges with this course, designed to make learning the fundamentals of cryptographic hashing and content addressing in the decentralized web both engaging and practical. You'll get hands-on experience creating Content Identifiers (CIDs) and working with the JS-IPFS API. Alongside the JavaScript coding challenges, this course also offers code-free tutorials featuring text-based lessons and multiple-choice quizzes for an added layer of fun and learning.

PluralSight - IPFS Getting Started

If you're brand new to IPFS, this course is the perfect starting point for you! Beginning with the fundamentals of what IPFS is, the course goes on to explain how IPFS addresses the shortcomings of the traditional HTTP protocol. You'll learn the ins and outs of installing and launching content over IPFS, as well as connecting your IPFS content to your existing web presence and ensuring its security. By the end of the course, you'll have gained the skills and knowledge needed to confidently share your content with the world using IPFS.

Courses for NFTs

Coursera - Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Primitives

Enhance your skills with this awesome career certification course! Dive deep into the fascinating world of token design and NFTs. The first module walks you through Ethereum transactions, highlighting the cool differences between externally owned accounts and contract accounts. Throughout the four modules, you'll also get the lowdown on minting and swaps, and the importance of custody (keeping those private keys safe and sound!).

Udemy - The Complete NFT Course - Learn Everything About NFTs

This course has got you covered with everything you need to know to join the fast-paced NFT scene. Discover the ins and outs of buying, selling, and creating NFTs. You’ll unravel the mysteries of smart contracts and learn about MetaMask and NFT marketplaces. Worried about coding? Don't be! This course is designed for everyone, with no coding experience required. This course will guide you through the steps and share some awesome practices so you can confidently share your NFTs with the world.

Blockchain Council -Certified NFT Expert

This course covers everything you need to know about NFTs today, and the best part is, no prior blockchain knowledge is needed! This user-friendly certification course ensures accessibility for everyone, offering a comprehensive understanding of Ethereum and NFTs. Successfully completing this course not only validates your skills but also provides a significant advantage in the Blockchain domain, giving you a head start in exploring Ethereum-based platforms for NFTs.

Before enrolling in any course, we encourage you to check out the reviews and course descriptions to ensure the course is a good fit.

YouTube Resources

In addition to structured courses, YouTube serves as a valuable resource for tutorials on IPFS and NFTs. Pinata's YouTube Channel hosts a collection of informative videos, including How to create a token bound account, How to mint an NFT on base, and HashLips' guide on minting an NFT from start to finish.  

With the lightening-fast changes of the industry, exploring the ins and outs of IPFS and NFTs can be confusing, especially with the number of courses out there. We get it—investing time and money in courses that don't quite match your skill level can be frustrating. That's why we've got your back. We hope this handpicked list of courses saves you time and takes away some of the stress of sifting through endless options.

Whether you're diving into the decentralized wonders of IPFS or embarking on the fascinating journey of NFTs, these courses will give you the tools you need to rock it. Here's to a happy and exciting learning adventure!

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