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How Brands use Submarine for Premium Content
How Brands use Submarine for Premium Content

How Brands use Submarine for Premium Content

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How Brands use Submarine for Premium Content
Learn how builders and creators are using Submarine to serve premium content, engage their community, and captivate their audience.

Building a community is the first step to a successful web3 project, but if you want a project that lasts, one that’s able to change and evolve, you need to find and nurture your true fans with premium content—the evangelists/power users/VIPs who’ve shown that they are fully with you.

Legacy tools like YouTube, Discord and Twitter are still a great way to get top-of-the-funnel traffic to your project, but engaging your true fans requires a special type of experience. We built Submarine exactly for that. Let’s take a look at Submarine’s unlockable content capabilities in action, and how brands (and individual creators) are using it to engage their true fans through memberships and premium content.


The concept of subscribing for premium content isn’t new, especially for publishers. But by taking advantage of the blockchain, publishers have found a way to delight users with a novel experience while giving themselves a more precise way to analyze and understand their audience’s behavior.

Using Pinata’s Submarine API, NiftyLit sells NFT passes that give loyal readers access to exclusive magazines, books and newsletters. Kind of like a blockchain-based magazine, NiftyLit publishes issues with 5-10 literary works across all genres. Each writing is paired with an original illustration, and best of all, writers are paid royalty rates that greatly exceed what they would receive with a traditional publisher.

Gala Music

Remember when you would buy a CD or DVD and you’d get bonus features that weren’t available anywhere else? We’re bringing that experience back with unlockable content.

Gala Music is a decentralized music platform that uses Submarine to offer behind-the-scenes access to its artists’ music releases. Once someone owns the NFT that unlocks the premium content for a particular artist, they get to go beyond the track—the inspiration, the making of the song, and special “backstage” moments that make the music personal.

Pascal Boyart 

Memberships and premium content are tailor-made for Submarine, but sometimes you just want to create a fun experience that goes beyond what your community would ever expect.

Pascal Boyart is a Paris-based visual artist who knows how to delight his audience, creating not just art, but an interactive puzzle. One of his most recent pieces, "Lady with Pomeranian" is an oil painting on canvas consisting of a physical work as well as an NFT.

Using Submarine, Pascal gave owners of the public-release NFT special clues that helped them solve a riddle specific to the art itself. Other clues can only be found when viewing the physical version, which has already been shown in museums like Institut de France. Whoever successfully solved the riddle became the owner of a 1/1 NFT.  Now that is a good way to find your true fans.

Remember: using Submarine for premium content doesn't have to be all-or-nothing. It can work beautifully with your existing marketing and community operations as an additional way to elevate your brand and let your true fans engage in a meaningful (and fun) way with NFTs.

Beyond NFTs, creators are using Submarine to offer premium content using Retweets, Geo-location and more. The possibilities are endless. If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration, check out our Discord community to see what other creators are cooking up for their audiences.

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Second, there needs to be a big jump in user experience. Listeners know what to expect with Spotify and Apple Music: a smooth, intuitive experience that lets them listen to Lil Nas X with just a few clicks. Web3 platforms aren’t quite there. Music NFTs and related premium content require extra steps that most people don’t yet have an appetite for.

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paragraph — Musician Daniel Allan spent months building a relationship with the NFT community and raised 50 ETH to fund his new album, Overstimulated. Companies like Audius and artists like Vérité's, who raised $90,000 in an NFT launch, are at the forefront of exploring new ways to get paid. Avenged Sevenfold launched an NFT collection called "Deathbats Club" with 10,000 items that grants holders access to benefits such as meet and greets at shows, lifetime free tickets, limited edition merchandise, and more.

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QUOTE — Everyone is obsessed with making money and seeking alpha, which does a disservice to what [NFTs] can actually do. We have been instructing many bands that NFTs are a ticket for access to an exclusive club.” - M. Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold’s lead singer.

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