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Pinata combines multiple tools into one allowing developers to focus on what matters—shipping great products and apps. With a best-in-class CDN, image optimization, video streaming, and (of course) IPFS file hosting and distribution, Pinata gives you the power of an entire development team while letting you and your actual team focus on your app.

IPFS Storage & API

The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is a distributed network that allows developers to store content of all types and sizes, from images and videos to apps and websites. With Pinata, developers can leverage a dead-simple API for a fast and reliable way to pin content on the distributed network without any of the heavy engineer lifting from your team.

The Pinata API is focused on helping you hit the ground running and giving you the superpowers you need to ship great products quickly. Our API is more than just pinning, though. Upload private media, token gate, query your content, and more—all with a simple REST API that will have you feeling right at home in your text editor in no time. 

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Dedicated Gateways

Gateways are the portals for all the data we share in the digital world. On IPFS, gateways are on a public network making content easily shareable and accessible across the globe.

Dedicated gateways are great for developers who want to give their users a super fast experience or need increased rate limits. You can also create your own custom subdomain to keep your branding consistent, and give your community the best experience for content of all types. 

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Speed things up with
Pinata’s built-in CDN

Pinata’s built-in content delivery network (CDN) helps deliver all of your media at the speed of light. No more loading spinners, just beautiful, fast content served from over 200 edge locations worldwide. We bring the speed and stuff it right into the Dedicated Gateway you’re already using. No additional services or configurations necessary. It’s a true out-of-the-box solution to keep your efforts focused on building the things you care about.

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Provide beautiful, visual experiences with your media

Optimize your media content at scale with Pinata’s image and video capabilities to deliver the most visually-appealing content to your audience (while saving on bandwidth). Through URL query parameters, you can immediately unlock image transformations and turn slow-loading videos into immediately playable experiences with video streaming. You can do all of this through the Dedicated Gateway you’re already using and avoid the hassle of connecting multiple disparate services.

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Moderation & Security

There’s an old saying: You either die a startup or you live long enough to do content moderation. This applies equally to developers across the spectrum of applications. Fortunately, Pinata makes content moderation easy. We have custom moderation filters to protect your Dedicated Gateway from abuse. From phishing to piracy, you’re protected.

Want to level up your protection? Pinata offers customizable security settings for your Dedicated Gateways. Allow access to the entire IPFS network, but with custom rules in place. Set IP address restrictions, set origin restrictions, or create an access token for use with your Dedicated Gateways. Moderation and security are things you probably don’t want to think about. So, Pinata makes sure you don’t have to.

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