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The fastest way to fetch content from IPFS.

Create a dedicated gateway through any of Pinata's flexible premium plans.
Private gateways
Public gateways

Over 300,000 teams and individuals are using Pinata:

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Experience the power of dedicated gateways.

Easy to set up and use.
Quickly access and share files on IPFS via HTTP.
More security and privacy.
Control the accessibility of your content, while avoiding abuse and network threats.
High-performance and reliability.
Never worry about slow speeds or unreliable access.

Flexible plans for every stage of your journey.

billed monthly
For marketplaces, apps and games with heavier data and infrastructure needs.
100k total files pinned
250 GB total storage
750 GB bandwidth
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3 Dedicated Gateway
50,000 Image Optimizations
500 Streaming video minutes stored
5,000 Streaming video minutes viewed
2,000 Short links
1,000,000 Requests
billed monthly
For growth-focused apps and projects who are ready to start scaling.
500k total files pinned
1250 GB total storage
3750 GB bandwidth
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5 Dedicated Gateway
250,000 Image Optimizations
2,500 Streaming video minutes stored
25,000 Streaming video minutes viewed
10,000 Short links
5,000,000 Requests
billed monthly
For brands who need all the power of IPFS, without the resource drain of building in-house.
1M total files pinned
2500 GB total storage
7500 GB bandwidth
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10 Dedicated Gateway
500,000 Image Optimizations
5,000 Streaming video minutes stored
50,000 Streaming video minutes viewed
20,000 Short links
10,000,000 Requests

Looking for more custom?

For organizations that require custom solutions, white-glove account management, enterprise-grade infrastructure and priority 1:1 support.
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