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Developer-friendly infrastructure for AI and web3 apps

Start building for free with Pinata’s IPFS API.

Innovate beyond limits

Simple and intuitive

Quickly connect your AI and web3 applications to the IPFS network with just a few lines of code.

Flexible app development

Access our high-availability API to support and scale apps of any size.

Fast, efficient distribution

Leverage our robust suite of tools with built-in security and permissioning.

Over 300,000 teams and individuals use Pinata

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“The Pinata team is amazing to work with. Features we talk about are quickly prioritized to launch which allows us to also build quickly. They provide us with awesome support.”
Karik Patel,
Head of Partner Engineering at OpenSea
“It was super easy to connect Pinata with our platform. They bring more utility and features that help everyone create new experiences and their technology is always evolving with the needs of everyone in the space.”
Jordan Aitali,
COO and Co-Founder at Niftables

Manage and scale your content

Flexible plans designed for every stage of your journey.
billed monthly
For marketplaces, apps and games with heavier data and infrastructure needs.
100k total files pinned
250 GB total storage
750 GB bandwidth
1,000,000 requests
Access to Submarine
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3 dedicated gateways
50,000 image optimizations
500 streaming video minutes stored
5,000 streaming video minutes viewed
2,000 short links
billed monthly
For growth-focused apps and projects who are ready to start scaling.
500k total files pinned
1250 GB total storage
3750 GB bandwidth
5,000,000 requests
Access to Submarine
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5 dedicated gateways
250,000 image optimizations
2,500 streaming video minutes stored
25,000 streaming video minutes viewed
10,000 short links
billed monthly
For brands who need all the power of IPFS, without the resource drain of building in-house.
1M total files pinned
2500 GB total storage
7500 GB bandwidth
10,000,000 requests
Access to Submarine
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10 dedicated gateways
500,000 image optimizations
5,000 streaming video minutes stored
50,000 streaming video minutes viewed
20,000 short links


For organizations that require custom solutions, white-glove account management, enterprise-grade infrastructure and priority 1:1 support.
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