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Pinata IPFS Image Optimization & Video Streaming

A suite of tools tailored to your image-processing and video streaming needs.
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Provide your fans and users with a top-notch experience when sharing files.

Pictures in frames with some descriptive url parameters that will improve the images hosted in Pinata IPFS
IPFS Image Optimization
Handle IPFS images with ease.
Image Resizing
Image Fit — For scaling down, position and more
Image Quality — Set a scale from 1–100 to easily reduce a high quality image
Auto Image Formatting — Use Webp where supported, but then fall back to .JPEG or .PNG
DPR (Device Pixel Ratio)
Animation Still — Turn a GIF into a still image
On Error Redirect — Redirect to a different image if there is a problem
Metadata Controls — Control what EXIF data is revealed with the image
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IPFS Video Streaming
Experience unparalleled performance.
4K Streaming
Fast — Never wait for video files to fully download before playing
Reliable — More reliable streaming with no single point of failure
Secure & Accessible — Access videos from any device, anywhere in the world, without a central server
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