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About Pinata Partners

Whether your company is just getting started in NFTs or you’re building the next NFT app on your own, the Pinata Partnership is a great way to get your project in front of a wide audience with potential clients.

What is the Pinata Partner Program?

The Pinata Partner Program is a resource for businesses looking for Pinata-related help or an agency to partner with on NFT projects. All Pinata Partners must be current customers with a Pro Plan or higher package, can demonstrate experience with using Pinata in their work, and can show proof of their project’s success or official business (registered business, business website, have a standard service agreement, etc).

Innovation partnership

Students + Individuals

Pinata is always looking to support and encourage new projects and concepts in the NFT space. Students and individuals pursuing distinctive projects can be considered for the Innovation Partnership upon review of their submissions.

Benefits to becoming a Pinata partner

Direct leads and traffic to your project from

More visibility on our platforms and within the Pinata community.

Support from the Pinata team on projects and launches.

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Our Partners

Pinata Partners represent some of the most interesting concepts in the web3 space. While each partnership is custom and unique to the needs of our clients, all Pinata Partnerships can be typically classified as the following kinds of partnerships.

Types of partners we work with

Business Partners

Business partnerships are mutually beneficial relationships built on supporting and fostering each other’s goals.

Product Partners

Product partnerships provide our customers with integrations and tools that enhance their use of the Pinata Product.

Innovative Partners

Innovative Partners represent our brightest minds in the space, bringing new, promising concepts to the NFT space.

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