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Pinata’s Palooza Plan: For Growth-Minded Builders
Pinata’s Palooza Plan: For Growth-Minded Builders

Pinata’s Palooza Plan: For Growth-Minded Builders

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Pinata’s Palooza Plan: For Growth-Minded Builders
The perfect plan for growth-minded creators and businesses looking to scale up. Unlock the details of our new Palooza plan and start building!

Remember Goldilocks? When she lucked into finding that tasty porridge (nevermind the fact that she was breaking and entering), the first bowl was too hot, and the second bowl was too cold. But that 3rd bowl—that one was juuuuuust right. Just right is exactly what we’re going for with our brand new Palooza plan.

While we have plenty of happy creators on our Fiesta and Carnival plans, we've received consistent feedback of the need for something in between. Just like Goldilocks. We’re excited to deliver a plan that suits the unique needs of growth-minded creators and businesses who are starting to scale. Let’s get into some of the details.

Exploring Pinata’s Palooza Plan

As with all our plans, you’ll get nothing but the best when it comes to speed, reliability and security. Lightning-fast Dedicated Gateways to distribute content to your audiences, custom branding, access to Submarine for sharing unlockable content—the whole enchilada. 

You’ve got Fiesta, Carnival, and then smack-dab in the middle you’ve got Palooza.

Click here to visit our pricing page for a full breakdown

What makes the Palooza plan unique is the flexibility it offers builders who want to broaden their reach and shake up their industry, without having to over-commit or feel any sort of resource strain.

Ideal Users for the Palooza Plan

Now that you know the details and where it fits into our structure, you might be wondering—who is this for? As mentioned, we built the Palooza plan to support growth-minded builders who need a little more on the infrastructure side to start scaling.

Here are some example situations we’ve seen from our users that are a perfect fit for the Palooza plan:

- You’re building a marketplace that has started to see some traction, and you’re starting to see more and more content requests and uploads each month. You're on the cusp of scaling, but you need a bit more room to grow.

- You’ve got a dynamic NFT project that has intensive data needs on the storage and bandwidth side, such as HTML or 3D files. 

- You’re going all-in, creating a web3 version of YouTube that needs extra streaming minutes to support the early-adopters who are picking up traction on your platform.

You get the picture. Point is, with Palooza you’ve got the power and flexibility to go big, without feeling like you’re in too deep. At the end of the day, we want our creators to have peace of mind to do what they do best.

Your new Palooza Plan is waiting!

We’re super excited for our growth-minded creators and businesses to build with the Palooza plan. If you’re currently on the Fiesta plan, we recommend taking a look at your usage to determine if it makes sense to upgrade. Simply login to your app, and click ‘Billing’ to view your usage. If you’re at or near 80% usage of your plan’s limit, it might be time!

We’ve made it easier than ever to upgrade. From your account, you can simply click the ‘Upgrade’ button by your account name at the top. And voilá! 

Check out our pricing page for more details on the new plan, and as always, feel free to reach out for help finding the right plan for you.

Happy pinning!

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