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IPFS & Farcaster at scale

Pinata makes it simple to store and retrieve media on IPFS and build social applications with Farcaster.
const pinataSDK = require('@pinata/sdk');
const pinata = new pinataSDK({ pinataJWTKey: 'yourPinataJWTKey'});
const upload = await  

Pinning the Apex of Web3

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Power tools for IPFS and Farcaster

IPFS Storage

Streamlined Web3 content storage management and distribution.
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A screenshot of Pinata app showing the Upload Files Panel

Dedicated Gateways

High-speed access, enhanced rate limits, and security for high-traffic applications.
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Code snippet to use the Pinata API for Dedicated Gateways

Access Control

Control and security with Access Tokens, IP Address Restrictions, and Host Origin Restrictions.
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Elevate your IPFS workflow with Pinata Workspaces. Seamlessly join and switch between organizations within one account.

Farcaster Auth

Elevate app security with streamlined user authentication and effortless sign-ons.
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Farcaster Dev Tools

Build secure, scalable, and interactive applications effortlessly. Drive growth with our robust APIs, authentication, and real-time data frameworks.
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We’re excited about making decentralized technology more accessible to developers and users, and Pinata embodies that mission.
OpenSea CEO, Devin Finzer
Devin Finzer
CEO of OpenSea

Get started for free

Pinata provides a range of developer plans to suit every stage of your journey, making IPFS more accessible. Start with the Free Plan, upgrade as needed, and scale with confidence.
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 dedicated gateway

The easiest IPFS experience for developers

Smart on-boarding

Sign up, get your API keys, and your gateway immediately.

Unmatched support

Reliable in-app support for all your on-demand needs.

Robust documentation

Comprehensive guidance and examples to help you get up and running quickly.

Get started in < 2 mins

Build on IPFS at the scale of the web.

Open up our toolbox

Build the next big thing with intuitive developer tools.


Build server-side apps with our official Node.js SDK.
npm i @pinata/sdk

Next.JS Template

Spin up a new IPFS-powered app in under 20 seconds.
npx create-pinata-app

Pinata CLI

For the command-line ninjas, CLI is the fastest way to upload.
npm i -g pinata-upload-cli

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