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Helping creators since 2018

Our vision is to foster a sense of place for every creator on the internet that is uniquely theirs.

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Pinata by the numbers

Established in 2018

Successfully launched at ETHBerlin hackathon.

115,000,000+ files

More than 115 million pinned and counting.

165,000+ users

From enterprises and individual creators alike.

35 minutes

Average response time from our support team.

why we exist

The internet sucks

We believe in a web where you can trust data itself without needing to trust who is holding it. To make this future a reality, we are building the tools and infrastructure for all creators to easily create and manage content on IPFS.

Our mission

To help creators provide an experience worth paying for.

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Meet our founders

Kyle Tut

Founder, CEO

Matt Ober

Founder, CTO

Jarrod Eyler

Director of Engineering

Justin Hunter

Head of Product

Ashley Shin

Creative Director

Nick McMillen

DevOps Engineer

Sarah Dutra

Digital Marketing Director

Jonathan Colón

Head of Business Development

Mark McRae

QA Engineer

Kendall Totten

Engineering Manager

Steve Simkins

Community Manager

Vitalii Mykytiuk

Back End Engineer

Zeka Abdinov

Back End Engineer

Denys Fedorov

Front End Engineer

Fernando Andreassi

Full Stack Engineer

Junior Barros

Back End Engineer

Lucas Espindola

DevOps Engineer

Paulo Madronero

Front End Engineer

Rommel Berrios

Full Stack Engineer

Marcus Mazur

Business Development

Natalie Parent

Brand Designer

Kirat Khabra

Account Manager

Anabelle Cox

Social Media Associate

Ernie Casilla

Application Architect

Tyler Koenig

Content Marketing Director

Our values

We make sure to put meaning behind everything we do.


Empower creators to create something that is theirs.


Everything we do, we do with thought and purpose.


Carry out decisions with your best interest in mind.


Always thinking of a world that is yet to be created.

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We're a fast-paced, remote team of builders, makers, creators, and dreamers. And we think you might be the perfect fit.

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