Upload Content in Minutes

Easy to use IPFS Pinning for projects of any size.
npm i @pinata/sdk

Convenient starter templates

Build on IPFS at the scale of the web.

Next.JS Template

Spin up a new IPFS-powered app in under 20 seconds.
npx create-pinata-app

Simple and intuitive API for uploads

Pinata API

Fast and easy to set up for bulk uploading needs.

Pinata SDK

Grab your Pinata keys and set up your instance to get started.
const fs = require('fs');
const pinataSDK = require('@pinata/sdk');
const pinata = new pinataSDK({ pinataJWTKey: 'yourPinataJWTKey'});
const fs = fs.createReadStream('./metadata.json');
const res = await pinata.pinFileToIPFS(file)

Get started in < 2 mins

Build on IPFS at the scale of the web.