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Niftables: Web3’s All-in-one NFT Solution
Niftables: Web3’s All-in-one NFT Solution

Niftables: Web3’s All-in-one NFT Solution

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Niftables: Web3’s All-in-one NFT Solution
How Pinata's partnership with Niftables is helping brands and digital creators bring their ideas to life.

Creators entering the web3 space are overloaded by decisions. Which tool, which platform, which…everything. The pressure of putting together the perfect tech stack can cause creators to freeze, preventing what could have been an amazing project from even being started. Niftables wants that to change.

Niftables helps alleviate creators’ decision overload with an all-in-one tool that simplifies NFT building and makes it easy to bring their ideas to life. Niftables began using Pinata in early 2022 to store and manage their metadata, making sure that every collection launched through their platform can be accessed quickly and reliably from anywhere in the world.

Niftables is making it easier for NFT creators and businesses to create show-stopping digital collections. Just as Shopify helped democratize commerce, Niftables is playing a similar role when it comes to bridging the creator gap to web3.

How Niftables helps bridge the gap to web3

Niftable’s white-label NFT services are flexible and powerful enough to meet the needs of almost any business, developer, or individual creator looking to get into web3. From trader tracking, to customizable store profiles, to payment gateways for both crypto and fiat, Niftables has a slew of cross-chain compatible features that feel refreshingly natural to use.

To bridge the gap between web2 and web3, their interactive features and tools required a fast, reliable infrastructure. One that would let them focus on providing their customers value, rather than spending resources managing data on the backend. That’s where Pinata came in.

Removing Complexities with Pinata’s Dedicated Gateways

In order to properly scale and enable users to create white-labeled platforms for their NFT projects, there are a few main problems Niftables needed to solve for:

  • Scalability - Being able to display NFT collections for all their customers as quickly as possible, especially when exploring VR, AR, and metaverses. 
  • Uptime - Allowing their white-labeled customers to access and manage their NFT collections, quickly and at any time, regardless of device or location.
  • Space - Accessing large amounts of stored metadata (for themselves and on behalf of their customers) without having to worry about the complexities of managing it all. 

Keeping track of the metadata for 100s of NFT collections would require a massive amount of resources. By using Pinata, Niftables doesn’t need to invest millions of dollars into building out tooling to manage multiple servers. It also removes the need for their customers to have a dev on their team to build out their own IPFS nodes for hosting as Pinata is the default hosting platform for Niftables. 

Pinata has been great. A very comprehensive and advanced solution, with team members supporting our project from the get-go. - Stuart Burton, Niftables Co-Founder

When Niftables needs to retrieve their metadata for their creator's digital collections, they use Pinata’s Dedicated Gateways to ensure that content can be served quickly and reliably. This is possible due to Pinata's built-in content-delivery network (CDN) with over 200 caching locations globally. And since our IPFS nodes are cloud-hosted, they’re up and online 24/7.

Looking into Niftable's Future 

Continuing to bridge the gap between web2 and web3, Niftables is entering some exciting partnerships bringing companies like Inkbox, the largest global tattoo company, into the web3 space. Helping Inkbox launch its latest NFT collection and enter the web3 world, Niftables will be the key player in making its NFT collection possible and helping their vision of “inking web3.”  

To shed more light on Niftables and what they’re working towards, check out this video with COO and Co-Founder Jordan Aitali and Co-Founder Richard Buettner.

We’re excited to be a part of Niftables’ exciting future. Be sure to check out their website where you can download their whitepaper and get a closer look at how they work with brands and creators. And of course, be sure you’re following Niftables on Twitter for all their latest updates.

Happy pinning!

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QUOTE — Everyone is obsessed with making money and seeking alpha, which does a disservice to what [NFTs] can actually do. We have been instructing many bands that NFTs are a ticket for access to an exclusive club.” - M. Shadows, Avenged Sevenfold’s lead singer.

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