Protocol Labs uses Pinata to help scale their latest storage solutions

Powered by Pinata is a new series on the Pinata blog for readers to learn more about Pinata’s customer base. We’re honored by all the customers that use Pinata, and we’ll be sharing some of those customers’ stories while highlighting the most interesting brands in the NFT space. Note: none of these stories are sponsored, nor have we paid to work with these brands. 

How Protocol Labs uses Pinata to help scale their latest storage solutions

Protocol Labs, the open-source research and development lab behind Filecoin and IPFS continues to build and elevate the web 3.0 space. With the addition of Web3.Storage, a tool to quickly store and retrieve files on IPFS and Filecoin, they’ve now built two open-source solutions for users, making file storage more accessible and easier to manage. 

The most exciting part? They partnered with Pinata to help distribute content and make their storage decentralized across the IPFS space. 

Why do the creators of IPFS need to use an outside source? Perhaps they don’t, but it’s an encouraging nod to the values held deeply in the web 3.0 community. By using an outside tool such as Pinata to power their platforms, Protocol Labs gives an example to larger companies of the world that a decentralized internet is possible when there’s collaboration of the best tools available. 

“Protocol labs has been instrumental in advancing the capabilities of the web 3 space.”
- Matt Ober, CTO at Pinata

With the exploding growth recently experienced in the NFT space, IPFS storage has become a popular and reliable source for file storage amongst creators and builders. As the internet continues to evolve with web 3.0, brands and companies will be challenged to embrace some of these new technologies. The brands that do it sooner, will adapt and succeed much quicker. 

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