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Unbelievably fast

With over 200 server locations around the world, Pinata's built-in CDN (content delivery network) lets you serve content in less time than it takes to load a YouTube video.

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Keep your brand strong & consistent

A dedicated gateway allows you to request your content faster from IPFS nodes saving bandwidth and time. You can customize your gateway with your own branded domain, so your brand stays consistent across all your shared media.

Unlockable content with just a few clicks

With submarining, you can share unlockable content with your community, whenever & however you want. Submarining comes with every paid plan on Pinata. You can set it up in two ways, with the API for devs or with for non-technical creatives.

Never share a bad tweet ever again

Get the most out of your social feed, by sharing content with capturing previews. Built-in rich preview capabilities for individual files allow you to brand and share your NFTs on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, or wherever your community likes to meet.

Keep things short & sweet

Built-in URL shortener so you can make your links more easily shareable across a variety of different platforms.

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Pinata makes creating and sharing web3 content fast, easy and secure.

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