Give your fans access to exclusive gated content via NFT ownership, Retweets and geo-location.

What is Submarine?

Submarine is a premium feature that gives technical and non-technical creators the ability to share unlockable content with their community.

Examples of Submarining

Premium Content

Exclusive access to an artist’s latest project, available only to owners of a specific NFT


Membership-only invites to private Discords or meetings with fellow NFT holders

Conferences & events

Host an event or a private dinner for an exclusive group, accessible only to users in a specific location

Two ways to create
unlockable content with Submarine

For developers

Using any of Pinata’s paid plans gives you access to the submarining premium feature via API.

Use custom branding

Create as many submarined files as you want

Choose your unlocking mechanism (payment, NFT ownership, geo-location)

See docs

For non-technical creators is a no-code solution for creators to share unlockable content with their community.

NFT verification


Retweeting content

and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What blockchains/tokens can be used with submarining?

With the Pinata Submarine API, developers are free to use any blockchain they’d like in order to manage unlocking media. With Pinata’s, users can create Submarined content across Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, and Solana.

Can you switch submarined files to public?

When using Submarining through the Pinata web application or the Pinata Submarine API, users can move any Submarined content back to the public network. However, files created on cannot be moved back to the public network from within the app.

Create a powerful experience for your community

Pinata empowers creators to share content, their way. With submarining, you decide who gets access to your content and how they get it.

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